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Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech - defended by force of arms, if necessary. Welcome to "The Resistance Library" from, where we believe that arming our fellow Americans – both physically and philosophically – helps them fulfill our Founding Fathers' intent with the Second Amendment: To serve as a check on state power.

Jun 5, 2020

On this episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Sam Jacobs speaks with Kyle Anzalone. 

Kyle Anzalone is the Assistant Editor at, News Editor at The Libertarian Institute and Host of the Foreign Policy Focus podcast. His news roundups are essential, providing you with hard news stories that often slip through the cracks of the mainstream corporate media, which operates much more as a sort of ongoing political gossip column than anything else. 

Sam got together with Anzalone to discuss some of the current foreign and domestic issues including: Was Justin Amash a serious candidate for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination or just seeking to raise his profile? What will the consequences of escalating tensions between the United States and China be? This plus how the state has used regulatory schemes to ensnare ordinary Americans during the Wuhan Coronavirus lockdown. 

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