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Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech - defended by force of arms, if necessary. Welcome to "The Resistance Library" from, where we believe that arming our fellow Americans – both physically and philosophically – helps them fulfill our Founding Fathers' intent with the Second Amendment: To serve as a check on state power.

Jun 26, 2020

On this guest episode of the Resistance Library Podcast Sam invites José Niño onto the show. José is a freelance writer whose work can be found at the Mises Institute and Big League Politics, as well as His roots are in Venezuela but his heart and head are very much in the United States of America. His words have been quoted by no less an authority than Rand Paul in his book The Case Against Socialism. He is that rarest of creatures, a liberty-minded individual who does not take a backseat to anyone on patriotism. 

We discussed the upcoming election with Niño as well as the role that Big Tech censorship will play in it. We also discussed what the proper role of government is in protecting the right of citizens to speak online, with social media acting as a de facto public square for the 21st Century. His insights on matter are trenchant and, perhaps most importantly, unorthodox. This is definitely a “must listen” episode of The Resistance Library Podcast. 

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