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Dec 8, 2020

The Nuge. Uncle Ted. Great Gonzo. The Motor City Madman. Today Dave and Sam are discussing the rock legend, Ted Nugent,  in honor of his upcoming birthday. 
The list of conservative rock-and-rollers is pretty short. But even if you were only going to have just one, Ted Nugent would do the trick.
Ted Nugent goes by many names, but he was born with the unassuming moniker Theodore Anthony Nugent in 1948, the third of four kids in Redford, MI. Part of a military family, Nugent’s father was a career sergeant in the army. For his part, though, Nugent was of draft age during the Vietnam War, he flunked his physical and was declared unfit for military service. Today, however, he is a member of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Felony Task Force.
Nugent began his rock-and-roll career with the Amboy Dukes, one of the premiere psychedelic rock bands of the era. They replaced the equally legendary Shadows of Knight as the house band at The Cellar, a teen rock club in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights, IL. Their breakout hit was “Journey to the Center of the Mind,” a song that is clearly about LSD use – but not to Uncle Ted, who is one of the most notoriously sober rockers in history. In fact, he was cited by Minor Threat’s Ian MacKaye, and others of the early hardcore scene, as one of the biggest inspirations for the straight-edge movement.
Indeed, The Nuge claims and proudly owns his role as the inspiration for this movement. In a VICE interview he said that he will work with anyone who is anywhere on the political spectrum (citing Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello as both a friend and a collaborator), but that he’s reticent to work with anyone who does drugs of any kind because he believes that it robs them of focus. 
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